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FC AFC CFC Fast Track Accellorator MH, SH, NA, NAJ   "ACE"       earned his Three Championships, High Point East IC 2006 & CM at 2006 NAC before he was 3 years old  & Master Hunter at not quite  3 1/2 old! This is the pup that I didn't want.    (Billie K keeps reminding me of this.) Now, I would not take a fortune for him. We were dog "full" when Ace was born.  I did not need another dog at that time.  But we kept 2 Black and White males from that litter for a couple of weeks and Billie said that she is keeping one no matter what. So, being the loving husband, I said ok, but we will keep the one with the black leg.  The other one is "Dude" and he went to our good friend Jim Malcolm.  Ace is a very exciting dog to watch. He is the ideal size, long legs, athletic body and boy can he cover the ground. He moves so gracefully that you don't realize how much ground he is covering.  He ran a few puppy stakes and got some experience and some placements, then it was time to move him up to the big boys. Ace put it all together this fall, earning his AFC, becoming 2006 High Point Amateur Dog in the East, and getting a Win and a 4th in the Open. This is truly Billie's dog., she has done all his training.  What a team they have become, they received a "Credit of Merit" from the Judges of the 2006 National Amateur Championship!   He is always wanting to please her, taking direction, and glancing at her body movements.  I am so proud of them both. To follow along in his fathers paw prints, Ace has also earned a "Guns Awards" & his AKC Senior & Master Hunter titles & both AKC Novice Agility titles!  Billie K hopes to earn his  ESSFTA  Versatile Springer title this year.  (see www.essfta.com   ESS Versatility  to see what is involved, Indy is in 2004 Annual Awards Special Recognition for his VS & Field Champion/Obedience Springer of the Year 2004(obedience sect), we had 3 Multi-Titlist that year: Indy, Dolly & Roxie) Of course an AKC "FC" title (Open, Pro class Field Trial Championship) was also very high on the list of Achievements we hoped he would  accelerate to while on his Fast Track journey.  On March 3rd, 2007, Ace Won the Open All-Age Stillwater Valley Field Trial in DeGraff, Ohio trial with Billie K handling, earning his "FC" title, since this was his 2nd Win!   Both judges told her that her & Ace have a very special bond which truly enhances his performance in the field & along with Ace's  Perfect Pattern in his 2nd Series & Pin Point retrieves, his Flowing run & of course great nose & bird work!!  They also said you can tell Billie K has a lot of confidence in Ace & really enjoys running him!!  Thank you Tom Aunkst & Bob Murdock. With that accom[lished, both Indy & Ace Field Trialed in Canada in 2007, both earned their Canadian Championships, while Pepper was left needing just a Win, she had a litter ofpups & was not able to run.  Ace has been "Something Special"   Who knows how far he will go on his Fast Track, he has a very solid beginning & now only trails 6 titles behind dad FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH, MX, AXJ, CD, VS!!                                                                      You've Come A Long Way Baby!!     This site was last updated