We love our sweet mommy dog!  She was named the Wicked Diva because of her brown front leg  In this photo, you can see her sire, Augie sitting on the couch next to Ronnie, her daughter  Blitz is standing behind her. He is her mother's 1/2 sibling.  Both Augie and Blitz are grandson's of FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track

Going home day for Smooch  I Loved having this guy, he was a blast and I was very sensitive of whom

Galinda's Puppies

This is the puppy I called Smooch, I got semi attached to him   Made a decision to sell him as a Family Dog to a cute couple whom Theresa Schroeder had referred Fast Track to.  It was a Match!!  He is a big hit everywhere they take him or when they invite people into their home.  He is called Bruce Springsteener!