FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH, MX, AXJ, CD, VS "Indy" with Nat'l Open Guns Award & son FC AFC CFC Fast Track Accellorator MH, NA, NAJ "Ace" with Guns Award from Bush Hill, Tim did the handling on both, Special Trophies, an Open Nat'l w/ Indy & the Bushy Hill  Gunners Award was FC AFC CFC Fast Track Accellorator MH, NA, NAJ  "Ace", he is Indy's 1st Champion!  Ace is mainly "My Dog" & I do Train/Handle him, we earned the 2006 Eastern Inter Club High Point Dog Award, finished the 2006 NAC with a CM and we finished both American & Canadian Kennel Club Open Field Trail Championships in 2007    "Guns Awards" All this before he was 2 1/2 yrs. old!!  He has finished his AKC Master Hunter Title and we have a leg toward MHX, we ran for the Heck of It!  Ace also Won the 2012 Open in Central CT and he made it soo easy, the Judges gave me the Best Amateur Handler Trophy!  I am hoping to earn a Novice Obedience title, CD to Finish an ESSFTA Versatile Springer title on him before Oct. this year & we have a possibility of finishing his Open Agiltiy title so, he can be a ESSFTA 2010 Multi-titlist on Record (he earned Multiple titles in same year, mom did not get them sent in)   offspring will be starting Field Trial events this year! He is OFA Hips Excellent & Elbows Normal, 2007 CERF is Normal, & the PRA/PFK is Clear  "Indy" FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH, MX, AXJ, CD, VS sired 7 litters in 2007, most of them were "Repeat Breedings" & several have earned AKC Field Trial Championships! 2008 he sired a "Dolly Litter" & a "Sadie Litter", producing AFC Pheasant Feathers Black Onyx "Onyx", Fast Track's Jett Setter "Jett" from Dolly is currently with Gary Breitbarth in Ca. & is hoping for an exciting 2010 Fall Season The 1st litters of pups have done so well in their homes & in Performance. Both FC AFC CFC Fast Track's Accellorator MH, NA, NAJ "Ace" & FC Baskwoods Gotta Have Faith "Dover" are from Letty, Maggie has Master Hunter, Sally , Dolly, Roxie, Sadie & Sissy have earned Championships, Placements & Master Hunt titles & Qualifying Scores in AKC Hunt Test, Agility, Obedience, Flyball & Dock Diving! Dolly & Sally, the Baskwood Gals, have pups by Indy who also earned All-Age Field Trial Championships in the US & have Placements Canada. CFC Puckerbrush Briley Full Choke 2x MH, from Dolly earned a 3rd Place in the Canadian Nat'l! "Pretty Pepper" AFC Baskwood's Fast Lapper, from Sally, earned a 2nd Place out of 64 Starters in a Canadian Field Trail & also had a 3rd Place in Ontario! This Fall, she Placed 3rd in a Open All-Age. Pups from Roxie, Sissy & Letty sired by Indy are Open Champions. Indy is OFA Good, 2008 CERF Eye Normal, PRA/PFK Clean Indy was unable to Field Trail this last 2 yrs. due to Seed Awn, 2009 his offspring stepped up to the plate & he was very close to being the #1 Sire of Field Trial Dogs, (if not the #1) I am relieved to know that his 2010 Physical Exam & Blood Work indications that he Won his Battle, and after we Fine Tune the Engine, he just might return to Field Trials, we are more than "Blessed" to have him as our Companion                                                        Ace was not quite 2 1/2 Yrs. Old & has earned his American Kennel Club titles FC, AFC, NA, NAJ & CKC Canadian Open Champion!!! He finished his Master Hunter, at age 3!  I have taken a couple of our older Indy offspring ( Ace, Dancer & Pepper) for OFA Hip/Elbow x-rays & the CERF Eye Test. Results are Normal for eyes & I am very proud to say that Ace & Dancer are OFA Excellent, Pepper & Sydney are Good. We also sent blood to Columbia, MS for the "limited time" PRA test, results were good, only 20% of English Springer Spaniels tested for this are Clear. CERF Eye Exams on Roxie, Sniper, Sydney, Jett, & Ace's offspring Krystal, Zeuss, Blitz all Normal  All Pups Bred here have Cerf eye Exams done before they go to their new home