Additional Information

FC/AFC Fast Track's Hidden Gun  MH  "Sniper"       Our New Arrival, "Sniper"  whelped 02/11/07.   We are just thrilled to have him & he is adjusting to his new home really well.  He already knows his name & turns immediately & runs to us when we say it!!  He is full of energy & loves to explore new things.  Tim is totally in Love with him, he has been waiting for a Sissy/Indy pup & watching the 1st litter grow up has him so excited about getting started with Sniper!     He's Growing UP! Sniper stealing pigeons from end loader!!   Sniper retrieves from water and he can quarter, find & flush and retrieve birds to hand.  Update:  We "Steadied" him & began Puppy Stakes.  On his 2nd time out, Sniper Placed 2nd out of 10 in the Valley Forge Field Trial Puppy Stake!!  He placed 2nd in the NJ Futurity, littermate Triple Ridges Jersey Girl "Jenny" was 3rd Place &   Lady of the Black Track  "Cindy"  was 4th!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sniper earned his AKC Senior Hunter Title with Billie K handling, he passed 2 legs at the Valley Forge Hunt Test April 5th & 6th, next 2 legs at the Eng. Cocker Nat'l Specialty Hunt Test April 11th & 12th, then off to finish the job in Altoona, Pa at the Mid-Penn Hunt Test.  He has continued in the AKC Hunt Test & has passed a couple legs of Master Hunt. He has grown into a Big Strong Dog & Tim has been training/handling/working toward AKC Amateur & Open Field Trial Championships  April 2010, they Won the NJ Amateur Field Trial & finished the 2010 Nat'l Amateur Field Trial Championship!  This year, they Won the Open at Bushy Hill & continued Field Trialing in the Amateur Stakes, they are just a couple points shy of earning his AFC title!