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FC AFC CFC Fast Track Accellorator MH, NA, NAJ" 








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Fast Track's She is Noozie is Available for Sale

Very sweet White/Liver Female who possess great Bird Enthusiasm, she is Steady to Shoot &Wing !



more information & photo's on Puppies page & the Litter Pedigress page

Auggie and Trickie will also be having their own Pages, and Blitz, also!


Fast Track's Field Bred English Springer Spaniels

& Field Bred Eng. Cocker

FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH, MX, AXJ, CD, VS  "Indy"     FC AFC CFC Fast Track's Accellorator MH, NA, NAJ  "Ace"

AFC Baskwood's Fast Lapper, SH  "Pepper"     Winfield's Sydney Arenia  "Sydney"   Shimmering Surprise Party Girl SH, MX, MXJ  "Roxie"

new  AFC  Fast Track's Hidden Gun SH  "Sniper"     FC AFC Baskwood's Dolly Madison  "Dolly"

Fast Track's Genorator  "Blitz"     FB Eng. Cocker (or Meercat)  Fast Track's Dardnell Illusion  "Magic"



Hope you will enjoy your visit and learn about Field Bred English Springer Spaniels.  We can be contacted at Hatbk@hotmail.com 

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 FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH MX AXJ CD VS  "Indy"

      Granddaughter Juliana "JA" & our  Grandson Anthony Alexander "Double A"


JA with her Great Grandmother!

Meet the Fast Track Owned, Bred or Sired Field Trial Champions

it our newest page

 Fast Track's Sally Sue  "Sally"  Congratulations again JJ &Shannon Valero on Sally's

1st Place & Guns Award at the Bushy Hill Field Trial

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